Ukraine responds to Belarus' refusal to accept Ukrainian biometric ID cards at border crossings

The Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that it didn’t receive reservations from Belarus concerning the use of the new plastic card passports during the development of the visa-free regime between the two countries, as stated in the report of the Ministry, published on the 5th of March on Facebook. On the same day, Belarus announced that it doesn’t see a Ukrainian citizen’s plastic ID card passport as a valid document for border crossings.

“The corresponding diplomatic note and samples of the electronic passports were sent to Belarus in December 2015 due to the introduction of the plastic card passports for citizens of Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine hasn’t received any reservations from Belarus concerning its use within the above mentioned agreement,” Ukrainian diplomats noted in response.

They added that at Minsk’s request, Ukraine and Belarus will meet to discuss the visa-free agreement between two countries. The current visa-free agreement for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus has been in effect since June 12, 2009.

  Belarus, Ukraine