Ukraine receives demining equipment from the EU

The European Union, in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council and the Danish Demining Group, gave the Ukrainian State Emergency Service (GSCHS) 200,000 euros worth of demining equipment for use in the Donbas, RBC-Ukraine reported.

"This is class 4 body armor, Kevlar helmets. This equipment is very necessary to us,” a representative of the GSCHS, Oleh Bondar, stated.

The equipment can locate mines at a depth of 3 meters.

“We must ask the aggressor country [Russia] when they will stop undermining our territory and then [when we get the answer] we will be able to say that we need 7 years for mine clearing,” Bondar added.

The GSCHS received modern body armor, helmets, field engineer sets, communication devices, medical supplies, and automobiles. The equipment will supply a total of four teams of sappers.

  Denmark, Ukraine