Ukraine has banned Russia's TV channel 'Dozhd'

Ukraine's National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting has obliged Ukrainian providers to stop relaying Russian television channel Rain (Dozhd) within a month due to the station’s non-recognition of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and its translation of Russian commercials.

"In particular, on a live broadcast of this TV channel, the administrative border between the Kherson region and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was portrayed as a border between Ukraine and Russia,” said National Council member Sergei Kostinsky during a meeting, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

According to him, in 2016, the National Council repeatedly documented violations of Ukrainian legislation by the TV channel. In particular, its broadcast included Russian advertising and the TV channel’s journalists illegally visited annexed Crimea from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Though considered opponents of the Russian government, Rain now joins about 34 other Russian TV channels that are banned in the Ukraine.

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