Transparency International: there has been no progress in investigation of elite corruption since Yanukovich escaped to Russia

The head of Transparency International in Ukraine, Andrey Marusov, stated that there has been no progress in the investigation of elite corruption since the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, escaped to Russia, as reported by the agency’s press service.

“Since Yanukovich escaped to Russia, almost nothing has been done in Ukraine to investigate the numerous, serious accusations of elite corruption in relation to the former President of Ukraine and his followers. On the other hand, the courts have released accomplices of Yanukovich, who were involved in his corrupt activities; their bank accounts and fortunes are being unfrozen and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) in Ukraine even withdrew the wanted status of Yanukovich, his people and members of his family,” Marusov noted.

In addition, Transparency International calls on the European Union to resume and strengthen political and economic sanctions against the team of the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich.

“After Yanukovich escaped from Ukraine, Great Britain was involved in money laundering for a number of people related to his corrupt regime. The British authorities should be more careful in the search for stolen fortunes and groundless wealth; it requires the active support of their colleagues in Ukraine. Two years have gone and we can’t allow Yanukovich and his followers to wash their hands of it. Great Britain supports the Ukrainian Government and calls on British authorities to take action,” the Executive Director of the UK chapter of Transparency International, Robert Barrington stated.

Russia will also support Ukraine in the identification of the fortunes of the former President of Ukraine in the Russian Federation. “We suspect that his estate in Mezhyhirya is merely the tip of the iceberg. We intend to find other evidence of his wealth in Russia and we will do everything in our power to ensure that neither Moscow nor Rostov serve as a safe haven for former dictators such as Yanukovich,” the General Director of Transparency International, Anton Pominov stated.

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