Transnistria does not recognize the LPR or DPR because it wants to cooperate with Ukraine

The Transnistrian Foreign Ministry does not make any statements recognizing the self-proclaimed LPR or DPR and does not articulate a certain position because of their willingness to develop relations with Ukraine. This was the statement by Foreign Minister of Transnistria Vitaly Ignatiev in an interview with Russian Kommersant newspaper.

“No one set preconditions for us to send some additional signals or make statements. Transnistria does not articulate a position in the context of this conflict. And this is true; it’s our position,” he said.

Replying to the question regarding the possibility of recognizing the self-proclaimed Republics in eastern Ukraine, Ignatiev answered that cooperation with Ukraine is their priority. The Transnistrian foreign minister did not say anything about recognizing the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Transnistria does not make any statements regarding a given situation. We are implementing a conception of foreign policy, and one of the priority directions is cooperation with Ukraine,” Ignatiev said.

“The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic” is not a recognized country. The global community recognizes its territory as part of Moldova.

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