The US to deliver drones and radar systems to Ukraine

The US intends to supply Ukraine with drones and radar equipment this week. Ukrainski Novyny reported that this was said by the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, at the “Open World” discussion club.

“We have set $600 million aside for security assistance. We have a large delivery of UAVs and night vision devices scheduled for this week, and radar equipment will be delivered in a few days,” Pyatt said. However, he did not specify how much of the equipment will be sent to Ukrainian troops.

In addition, Pyatt noted a significant transformation of Ukraine’s energy sector as a result of the work conducted by the Ukrainian government over the last two and a half years.

“My opinion is that you as Ukraine have never allowed yourselves to be manipulated even when the Kremlin uses energy as a weapon to manipulate Ukrainian politics, rejects your strategic choices and compromises your sovereignty and security,” Pyatt added.

He also said that he supports Ukraine’s intention to obtain membership into the European Union.

According to him, all of the reforms that have been implemented by the Ukrainian government have been aimed at building a successful democratic state.

Ukrinform reported that Pyatt also expressed pride that the US has found an opportunity to support Ukraine.

“We, together with President Obama, were able to help. We did this in spite of us not knowing how events would develop in the East and in spite of the economic recession. We were able to create an international coalition that helped save Ukraine. President Obama has actively, and in many cases personally, promoted the idea of imposing sanctions against Russia to ensure the sovereignty of Ukraine. It has played an important role in further developments and this has put pressure on the Kremlin,” Pyatt continued.

He added that the Ukrainian Navy, which he observed in Odessa, has become a symbol of Ukraine’s change for the better.

“What I saw in Odessa is a perfect metaphor for the changes that are going on in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Naval Forces were in a terrible condition after the annexation of Crimea. Today, we are conducting complex training with 13 other countries, and are proud of the Ukrainian sailors and marines who are taking part in these drills and exercises,” he concluded.

It was previously reported that Pyatt will be given the post of the US Ambassador to Greece after he completes his mission in Ukraine. His position in Kiev will be taken over by Marie Yovanovitch.

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