The U.S Ambassador to Ukraine: Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine has been ongoing for 25 years

The U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, stated during a presentation of the Foreign Policy Audit study, that the so-called hybrid war being conducted by the Russian Federation against Ukraine began long before the emergence of the current situation, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported. “To be blunt, your country has been involved in a hybrid war with Russia since Ukraine gained its independence 25 years ago,” Yovanovitch said.

Marie Yovanovitch identified propaganda as one of the main tools used by Russia. The U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine emphasized that the United States supports Ukraine and reminded attendees that the U.S. has recently extended sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation due to its aggressive actions.

“There is clear majority in the U.S. Congress in favor of Ukraine. There is also support among the people of the U.S. Unity is not reached on its own. Each Administration constantly assesses the risks and possibilities and chooses where to invest political capital. Ukraine has a history of success that gives hope for its continued success with U.S. support,” Yovanovitch noted.

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