The State Security Service of Ukraine: Russia distributed special equipment for wiretapping in Ukraine

The SBU has revealed a large sales network in the Odessa region of special technical information – GPS-trackers with integrated ultrasensitive microphones, as reported by the press service of the agency.

"The devices were made by a Russian company which closely cooperates with the Russian Federal Security Service and were ordered by one of the Ukrainian leading market players in GPS devices. Russians, with the help of certain design features and special software, have the ability to activate microphones on the trackers and wiretap conversations," the statement reads.

The SBU added that the Ukrainian company hid the wiretapping ability from clients and sold them in Ukraine through an extensive network of shops selling portable electronic devices.

"During searches in Dnipro and Odessa, SBU employees seized a large number of GPS-trackers with integrated microphones, radio signal blocking devices (jammers), cash received from selling telephone communication systems, documentation, and computer equipment with data on the orders and sales of these devices," the agency added.

The SBU reported that the Director of the Ukrainian company has been detained. He has been accused of violating p. 2 Art. 359 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

"The investigation is on-going. Others who are involved in illegal activity as well as their motives for distributing espionage devices in Ukraine for the aggressor country are being identified," the SBU added.

  Ukraine, Russia, SBU