Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development and Trade resigns

Ukraine’s Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Rivaras Abromavičius, has resigned from office. Speaking at a press conference, the Minister indicated his decision was motivated by the increased opposition to his ongoing reforms.

“My team and I have no desire to be a cover for obvious corruption or controlled puppets for those who want to gain control of public money, as was the way with past authorities,” Abromavičius stated. He referenced a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Igor Kononenko (Petro Poroshenko Bloc “Solidarity”), who had been pushing his people to Director posts. According to him, Kononenko tried to impose two Deputy Ministers in recent days.

“After that, I decided that I would ease the burden for Kononenko and his team and resign from office,” Abromavičius said.

  Ukraine, Corruption