Kremlin spokesman: We are not discussing deals with the US to lift sanctions

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia is not discussing deals with the US to lift sanctions, TASS reports.

"It is hardly possible to talk about any agreements now. First we have to decide on a date and place for the meeting of the two Presidents," Peskov said. Peskov told journalists that during the recent conversation between the two Presidents on Saturday, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump discussed the fight against terrorism.

According to a representative of the Kremlin, the issue of sanctions was not discussed and Putin repeatedly said that this issue is not on the Russian agenda.

"The President did not intend to raise this topic in any way," Peskov stressed.

Earlier it was reported that the new President of the US, Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin did not discuss the issue of lifting sanctions during the telephone conversation on 28 January.

A number of analysts and journalists have discussed rumors circulating in the US about the preparation of the draft order in the White House regarding the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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