The Kremlin regrets that Russia is being used in the US presidential election

The Kremlin regrets that Russia has become an “inseparable part of America’s election campaign”, Reuters reported, citing Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peksov.

"Of course we would like our country to be mentioned only positively, but to our regret we know that the Russian card and mentioning our president have practically become an inseparable part of America's election campaign," Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Republican nominee Donald Trump blamed Russia for the broken ceasefire in Syria, saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not respect US leaders.

“Russia broke the deal, and now they’re shooting, they’re bombing, something like that… It should end and it should end fast,” Trump told a rally in Arizona.

Trump has been criticized for being too complimentary towards Russia. During the Vice Presidential debate on Tuesday evening, Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine said "Donald Trump, again and again, has praised Vladimir Putin. And it's clear that he has business dealings with Russian oligarchs who are very connected to Putin.”

Kaine’s Vice Presidential opponent Mike Pence dismissed allegations that the Trump campaign has close ties to Russia, though Pence himself has come under criticism for previous comments in which he said Putin is a stronger leader than US President Barack Obama.

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