The FSB disclosed information about millions of cyber attacks on Russian facilities

Over the past year, about 70 million hacker attacks directed at Russian facilities were committed, according to the Deputy Head of the FSB Center on the safety of communication, Nikolai Murashov.

"The number of cyber attacks on Russian Federation facilities, amounting to 70 million in the span of a year, was made public. At the moment Russia has sufficient potential in the development of means of information security," Murashov said at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy. Also, he noted that most of the cyber attacks were conducted from abroad.

Russia is among the top five countries concerning the funds allocated to the cyber army and as a matter of fact spends about 300 million dollars a year in this regard.

Earlier, the CIA, the FBI, and the US National Security Agency published a report on the Russian cyber attacks that had a goal to interfere with the presidential elections. Following this, Russia called the part of the US intelligence report on the hacking attacks that was made public, "amateurish."

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