Peskov calls report made by U.S. intelligence on Russia’s cyber-attacks ‘unprofessional’

Press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov stated that the part of the published report of U.S. Intelligence about Russia’s involvement in cyber-attacks is unprofessional and does not stand up to scrutiny. TASS reports that he made the statement in an interview with NBC TV.

"The published report is just a strange thing and nothing more. It was made unprofessionally; it does not contain any evidence but has some silly statements and unsubstantiated conclusions. In our view, this is an extremely unprofessional report which is hard to explain,” Peskov stated.

He added that "American intelligence agencies are much more professional than this report shows… Even if the rest of the report is of the same quality, then it is a serious problem.”

  Russia, USA, Cyber Attacks