Bill on countering Russian propaganda presented in the US Senate

A new bill aimed at strengthening Washington’s efforts in countering propaganda and misinformation spread by Russia, China and other countries, was presented in the US Senate. The bill, entitled Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016, was created in response to calls by the US Congress, European governments and NATO to strengthen forces to counter misinformation campaigns.

The new US legislation, developed by the United States Senator from Ohio, Rob Portman and the United States Senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy, provides for the creation of the Center for Information Analysis that will analyze propaganda and misinformation being distributed by foreign governments. After formal presentation, the bill would be one of at least two bills brought before Congress regarding this issue in recent years.

The purpose of these bills is to change American policy regarding the activities of the international media. Russia has worried politicians in Europe and North America with its aggression in Ukraine. The European Union created a small unit, known as the European External Action Service to fight the spread of the Kremlin’s interpretation of events. In particular, it is concerned about Russian media outlets such as TV Channels RT and Sputnik.

The Strategic Communication Center, located in Latvia, was created by NATO in order to counteract Russian propaganda.  

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