NATO looks to actively combat Russian propaganda

The North Atlantic Alliance intends to confront the use of information for military purposes.  This was reported by Reuters in reference to a draft of a document containing the basis of the NATO information policy.  It is also reported that the Alliance believes that Russia will possibly use TV and the Internet as weapons for propaganda.

Furthermore, NATO intends to reveal important information about the possible military activities of enemies more efficiently in order to confront this tactic.  An example of this, according to representatives of the organization, would be to publicize satellite images of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border.  These images were captured by commercial satellites and were published one month after the annexation of Crimea, which has resulted in criticism from experts.

The North Atlantic Alliance also plans to actively use the media to convey its point of view.  However, NATO country members fear that this information policy of the military-political Alliance will differ little to propaganda.  A representative of the organization, Oana Lungescu stated, “One of the basic NATO principles is that we can’t fight against propaganda with the help of propaganda.”

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