Additional police forces deployed to Avdiivka, Ukraine

A Spokesman for the Interior Ministry in the Donetsk region, Vyacheslav Ambroskin, wrote on his Facebook page that a detachment of police officers from the regional Chief Directorate was deployed to Avdiivka in order to prevent infiltration by subversive and reconnaissance groups.

"In agreement with ATO leadership [Ukrainian Armed Forces], I have made a decision on the deployment of a combined detachment of police officers from the regional Chief Directorate... This is primarily due to the resumption of hostilities on the outskirts of Avdiivka and the threat of DPR militants’ infiltration of the city," the spokesman stated.

Also, Avdiivka residents are coming back home. About 21,000 people have already moved back to the city, which before the war had a population of 35,000. The local police force is insufficient to ensure the public safety of civilians. The shortfall of personnel is about 70%. The combined detachment of police officers of the regional Chief Directorate will serve until the situation has stabilized.

  Ukraine, Donbass