Tbilisi: Russia deployed S-300 missile systems to Abkhazia

Interfax news agency reported, citing Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze, that Russia has deployed additional anti-aircraft S-300 missile systems to Abkhazia.

"We have information about the delivery of additional Russian S-300 complexes into Abkhazia. These actions of the Russian side, similar to the decision to integrate the South Ossetian military units into the Russian Armed Forces, yet again, confirm that Russian politics are oriented towards annexation, and not towards securing peace and safety", - said Janelidze.

In turn, the secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia David Rakviashvili suggested that the deployment of Russian S-300 systems into Abkhazia is not directed towards Georgia, who don't have modern air forces, but against NATO’s activity in the Black Sea.

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