Syrian Opposition Claims 8 High-Ranking Syrian and Russian Military Officers Killed near Turkmandagy

Syrian opposition sources reported that 15 servicemen were killed in the Syrian region of Turkmandagy on the border with Turkey. Eight of these servicemen were Generals. According to the information provided, the meeting place of high-ranking officers of Assad’s regime and the Russian Army came under armed attack. The meeting was held last night in order to review the state of affairs in the region and to plan future actions.

It was reported that 15 servicemen, including four Russian and four Syrian Generals, were killed as a result of the attack by armed oppositionists on the group of officers. A Lieutenant General named Yury, who coordinated attacks on Turkmandagy, was one of the Russian officers killed.  

According to available information, the other three high-ranking officers of the Russian Army were Major Generals. Meanwhile, the names of the three Generals of Al-Assad’s Army that were killed have become known: General Amed Munzur, General Ali Jabir, and General Ali Umran.

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