Stratfor: Washington and Moscow may be making progress in talks over Ukraine

The United States is likely making slow headway in the negotiation process with Russia on the crisis in Ukraine but this week demonstrated significant progress. Voice of America reports that this statement was released by the American analytical center Stratfor in a new analysis named "Anticipation of progress in negotiations on Ukraine."

On May 18th, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland once again visited Moscow where she met with Russian Presidential Assistant Vladislav Surkov. This visit caused speculation that Moscow and Washington are approaching a solution to the Ukraine crisis.

Stratfor cited information from former Kremlin official Alexei Chesnakov, who said he is familiar with the details of the meeting between Nuland and Surkov. Nuland's ideas on the implementation of the Minsk agreements are "controversial, but interesting" Chesnakov said. According to the latter, the U.S. showed more interest and flexibility in finding solutions to the problems than Ukrainians themselves.

If these reports are true, it means that Washington is moving away from past strategy. Nonetheless, the United States supported Ukraine’s position, insisting that Russia should fully comply with the Minsk agreements, particularly the measures on weapons and returning control of the internationally recognized border to Ukraine.

So far, Washington and Moscow have neither confirmed nor denied Chesnakov’s statements. Stratfor writes that the regularity of the meetings between Russian and US officials on this issue suggests that a compromise between Russia and the United States is possible. Stratfor has not ruled out the possibility that Moscow may be ready to concede some points of the Minsk agreements.

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