So-called DPR claims they have opened a representative office in Italy

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) claims that they have established a representative office in the Italian city of Turin. This information was confirmed by the Italian team of project, which addresses and refutes false information about events in Ukraine. Stopfake confirmed that this information is accurate.

"We have learned that the official opening of the DPR’s representative office in Italy would be held on December 14 at 6.30 p.m. on the premises of the Magellan Fund Committee in Turin," reported on Tuesday.

The self-proclaimed leadership of the occupied Donetsk argues that the office was opened with the participation of representatives from the three Italian parties.

The website of the DPR says that, "the opening of the DPR’s representative’s office was attended by members of the European Parliament from the Forza Italia political party, and members of the regional parliament from the Brothers of Italy and the Northern League parties."

Representatives of the Ukrainian separatists were absent from the opening ceremony. Donetsk claims that their interests "were represented by a member of the regional parliament from the Brothers of Italy party," Maurizio Marrone, who visited the Donbas twice in 2016.

The DPR also stated that their "representative’s office" would be led by two Italian citizens, Maurizio Marrone (Brothers of Italy party) and Eliseo Bertolasi, Candidate for Anthropological Sciences and geopolitical analyst at the Institute for Higher Geopolitical Studies and Related Sciences (IsAG).

Leading Italian media outlets have not reported on this event, despite the fact that reports that it actually took place.

In Donetsk, leaders are claiming that the status of the Turin "representative office" is identical to the "representative office" in Ostrava (Czech Republic). It should be noted that the Czech institution actually has a public organization status and was registered by a local woman.

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