SITE Intelligence Group: Jihadists on Twitter Celebrate Attacks in Paris, Speculate Who Planned them

According to SITE intelligence group, Jihadist-affiliated Twitter accounts celebrated the November 13, 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France, and speculated which jihadi group might be behind them.

Many users expressed the belief that IS was behind the attack.
Jihadi supporters celebrated the attack with Arabic-language hashtags translating to “#Paris_On_Fire,” as well as the more widely used hashtag “#FranceUnderAttack.” Islamic State (IS) supporters, in particular, used Arabic hashtags translating to “#Caliphate_State_Strikes_France” and “#Crusader_France_OnFire.”
A Twitter account translating to “Graddaughter Omar Al Farouk” threatened in Arabic:
Paris is burning and soon, Allah permitting all the land will burn, we swear by He Who made swearing lawful, we will let you taste the bitterness, #Paris_Howls

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