Sevastopol's electricity problems continue

The city of Sevastopol is supplied with just 190 MW of electricity each day, which is insufficient during peak periods in the mornings and in the evenings.  This was stated by a technical director at PJSC: EC Sevastopolenergo, Viktor Shulzhenko, at a meeting to discuss plans for eliminating the consequences of electricity emergencies.  This was reported on the city's website.

 “So far for today, Sevastopol has received between 182 MW and 189 MW of electricity. For now, there are no cut-offs planned but restrictions in electricity supply will be imposed throughout the day,” Shulzhenko said.

Shulzhenko reported on the 5th of February that city restrictions were imposed on electricity from 12 to 24 МW.  Consumers were supplied with electricity again at 22:00.  “Two power supply breakdowns occurred near the Flotskoe village and Gagarin Avenue.  The issues have been resolved,” explained Shulzhenko.

Sevastopol provides just over 90 MW of its own electricity.  The daily need is 200 MW to 240 MW, dependending on the outside air temperature.

A state of emergency was imposed on Crimea on November 2nd, 2015 due to the termination of the supply of electricity from mainland Ukraine.  When the electricity supply is cut off on the peninsula, residents complain that these cut-offs are not according to the schedule.  A reason for this could be that the electricity grids are overloaded and that breakdowns occur.

The peninsula is provided with in-house electricity generation, as well as power from the Kuban region in Russia.  Many Crimeans complain about unfair distribution of electricity in the region.


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