Russian Yabloko party insists that Crimea is 'legitimate Ukrainian territory'

The Chairman of Russian political party "Yabloko" (“Apple”), Emilia Slabunova, stated that the position of the party about the ownership of Crimea remains the same- tt is legitimate Ukrainian territory.

Slabunova commented on the news of Russian News Service in which she allegedly said that the “Yabloko” party will be able to solve the conflict with Ukraine without handling issues in Crimea and Sevastopol.  According to Slabunova, the edition loosely interpreted her words about Crimea.

"My statement is exactly the same, as it was in all previous interviews. Our position does not change. All events that have occurred in Crimea since the spring of 2014 are a result of its annexation. Crimea is Ukrainian territory and all that has happened is a violation of all basic principles on which the whole system of international relations was built", she said to Business FM.

The main priority of the organization is "the security of Crimean residents," Slabunova said.

"Crimea is a legitimate Ukrainian territory, the incident was an annexation. Now we need to resolve this situation with the efforts of the international community, to develop a joint coordinated plan to address this problem in a legal way within the framework of the international conference. The referendum, under international supervision, should be held within this plan. Other ways, paths and steps may also be developed. Absolutely nothing has changed in our position," Slabunova explained.

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