Russian schoolboy was dissatisfied with Putin's answer to the question about corruption

A schoolboy named Danila, from Nefteyugansk, remained dissatisfied with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s response to his question about corruption.

During the ‘Direct Line with Vladimir Putin’ Q&A TV show, the young man asked Putin how the President could solve the problem of corrupt officials. The teenager also expressed the opinion that placing corruption suspects on house arrest does not yield results, yet the problem affects most of the country's population.

He added that in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, the waiting list to receive subsidies for housing by the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees is moving forward too slowly. According to the young man, his family has found itself in this situation. The president asked whether the young man had prepared his question in advance or someone recommended it to him. The boy replied that life had prepared him for this question. His prompt response caused laughter and applause in the hall.

The teenager explained to RIA Novosti why his question had to do with the Russian Interior Ministry. "My father worked for internal affairs organizations for 20 years, and then he retired, as it had become a "real madhouse," in his own words. He is still on the priority list for housing subsidies," Danila said.

According to the Nefteyugansk administration’s website, the boy's family has been on the preferential list since 2013 and qualifies for a plot of land to construct individual housing. Regional legislation allows them to receive a cash subsidy in case the family refuses land when their turn comes. According to Danila, the city authorities "still have not provided anything."

The President's answer during the ‘Direct Line’ did not satisfy him. "It did not satisfy me, as well as many other citizens, because of the lack of specifics," the young man said.

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