Russian S7 Airline finds way to circumvent ban on flights over Ukraine

The largest private Russian airline company, S7 Airlines, wants to provide service through another airline in Bulgaria’s capital for flights from Moscow to Europe through Ukraine, RIA Novosti reported.

“Yes, we have sent the documents for the registration and purchase of the local airline company. Ukraine’s airspace is closed to us and it is impossible to fly to Bulgaria while bypassing Ukraine,” S7 co-owner, Natalya Fileva, stated in her interview with journalists.

She noted that a few Bulgarian airline companies are available for sale but they are at a higher price than other airlines. “We need to cross Ukraine. We don’t know when Ukraine and Russia will agree on the resumption of flights,” Fileva noted. The ban on flights between Ukraine and Russia went into effect on the 25th of October. A month later, Ukraine announced the ban on passenger flights by Russian airlines through its airspace.

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