Russian politician in Simferopol wrote letter to Trump asking him to recognize Crimea as part of Russia

The deputy of the Simferopol city council of the Crimea from the Communist Party, Stepan Kiskin, wrote a letter to the newly elected US president, Donald Trump. Kiskin stated this on his Facebook page.

Kiskin called on Trump to recognize the Crimea as part of Russia and offered to hold a second Yalta conference on the peninsula.

The letter to Trump, noted Kiskin, was sent to the US ambassador to Russia, John Tefft, with a request that the diplomat give the letter to the president-elect.

In the letter to Trump, Kiskin also invited Trump to the Crimea and offered to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin specifically in the Crimea, he wrote on Facebook.

“It is time for a new Yalta conference, which will have to establish a new world order, which will take into account not only the interests of the United States and Russia, but all countries of the world. If Yalta Conference Number Two will be held, [Trump’s] name and Putin’s name will forever be inscribed in golden letters in the history books,” Kiskin summed up in his letter.

Donald Trump became the first US president without political or military experience. Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, has already conceded. Commenting on his victory, Trump said he would build a “strong America.”

Even before announcing himself as a candidate for US president in 2014, billionaire Donald Trump praised Vladimir Putin.

In August 2015, the republican stressed that the issue of Ukraine remains a “problem” in relations between the United States and Russia. But Trump believes that this should be dealt with by Europe, in particular by Germany.

Trump and Putin have repeatedly exchanged mutual compliments with each other. In his keynote speech in the spring, the American billionaire said that he would like to improve relations with Russia. In August, he said that most of the residents of the Crimea choose Russia, and the United States should take this into account. Responding to a clarifying question by journalists about Trump’s readiness to recognize the annexed Crimea as part of Russia, he once again repeated that “he is ready to consider this issue.”

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