Russian media confirmed that the EU will remove only deceased individuals from sanctions list

Only three people will be removed from the EU sanction list- people who have died since the sanctions were first imposed.  These sanctions were placed on individuals and organizations who were found guilty of violating the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine.

This was reported by Interfax, citing its own sources in the EU.

According to the news agency, the EU Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) will meet on Wednesday in Brussels.  They will then approve the decision to extend sanctions against 146 individuals and 37 legal entities from Russia and Ukraine.  These sanctions will be valid for the next six months.

“COREPER will make this decision tomorrow and I think that it will be approved by the EU Council on the 10th of March,” the source stated.

The source did not confirm the date that this decision will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.  He did however state that it would be noted in the official statement of the EU Council.

The current sanctions are due to expire in March this year.

The extension will involve a continuation of freezing the funds of individuals and entities who are on the “black list” of banks in EU countries.  It also includes a visa ban on entry into the European Union.

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