Russian delegate Boris Gryzlov to be more engaged in international negotiations on Ukraine

A source in the Russian Security Council stated that one of the objectives of Boris Gryzlov, who was excluded from the Security Council membership by the President of Russia, was better engagement in international negotiations about Ukraine.

“The President made a decision based on the tasks he posed to Boris Gryzlov. The expansion of opportunities for international dialogue with a view to settling the situation in Ukraine is among these tasks. It will require Boris Gryzlov to participate in the work of international platforms of different kinds in European capitals –Paris, Berlin and others,” the source said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin excluded Boris Gryzlov from the Russian Security Council membership. The corresponding decree was published on the official internet portal for legal information on Tuesday.

Gryzlov was the Chairman of the State Duma of the fourth and fifth convocations (2003-2011) and a permanent member of the Security Council. In December 2015, the President of Russia appointed him as the Plenipotentiary Representative of Russia to the Contact Group on Ukraine.

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