Russian army units assumed combat duty in the Arctic

According to Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov, the military infrastructure in the Arctic has been developed to the point that several Russian army units have assumed combat duty in the region, TASS reported.

"The infrastructure preparedness on all the Arctic islands has already allowed units there to assume combat duty," Bulgakov stated.

The Deputy Defense Minister added that military facilities are still under construction in the Arctic, specifically in Tiksi, Anadyr, Vorkuta, and Temp.

Moreover, the Nagurskoye airfield is scheduled to become operational in 2017.

"For the first time in the history of modern Russia, works on such a scale are being carried out in the conditions of the Extreme North," Bulgakov said.

The U.S., NATO, and Norway have expressed concerns over the expansion of Russia’s military infrastructure in the Arctic.

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