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  • Russian army units assumed combat duty in the Arctic

    According to Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov, the military infrastructure in the Arctic has been developed to the point that several Russian army units have assumed combat duty in the region, TASS reported.

    "The infrastructure preparedness on all the Arctic islands has already allowed units there to assume combat duty," Bulgakov stated.

    The Deputy Defense Minister added that military facilities are still under construction in the Arctic, specifically in Tiksi, Anadyr, Vorkuta, …

  • Russia to build five military complexes along border with Ukraine; one in Crimea

    In 2016 and 2017, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to replace 330 military bases and warehouses with 24 transshipment and logistics complexes.  One of these complexes will be located in Crimea, and five will be situated near the border with Ukraine.

    The Russian newspaper, Kommersant, published a map showing the planned complexes.

    The Ministry of Defense has said that these plans will reduce the spending of the military department by almost half, which would be 14.8 billion rubles.  They …

  • Russia to Deploy Three New Divisions along Western Border

    The Russian Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, stated that three new divisions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be deployed along the Western border in 2016.

    “I can’t but mention such a critical task, which is the formation of three divisions in Western direction. The task is extremely important,” Shoygu said. The Minister of Defense stressed that alongside the creation of the new divisions, there is a need to set up proper infrastructure including barracks, firing ranges …