Russia to build five military complexes along border with Ukraine; one in Crimea

In 2016 and 2017, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to replace 330 military bases and warehouses with 24 transshipment and logistics complexes.  One of these complexes will be located in Crimea, and five will be situated near the border with Ukraine.

The Russian newspaper, Kommersant, published a map showing the planned complexes.

The Ministry of Defense has said that these plans will reduce the spending of the military department by almost half, which would be 14.8 billion rubles.  They also said that it would “expand the capabilities of the army”.

The Ministry of Defense plans to have a fully equipped complex in Sevastopol before 2017.  They plan to have the same in the villages of Mikhailovskoye, Koysug, Krasnoflotsky, Armavir and Buturlinovka in 2016.  

According to Kommersant, Commanders of the southern, central and eastern military districts were ordered to begin site preparations for the construction of the complexes before the 1st of April.  The Commanders of fleets and districts need to revise the tactical and technical specifications for the construction of the complexes before the 1st of March.  These specifications need to be based on the characteristics of the equipment that will be stored there.

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