Russian Army to Add Four New Divisions

The Russian Defense Ministry announced a significant expansion of staff of their ground forces "in response to the increasing intensity of the NATO countries’ training." There are currently no Russian ground troops in Crimea.

The Russian Federation ground forces will be strengthened by combining existing sections of the Army into four new divisions, said the Russian Defense Ministry on Friday, January 22nd. "In 2016, three divisions will be formed in the Western territory and one in the central territory," Commander in Chief of Russian Ground Forces, Oleg Salyukov, said. According to him, the creation of new divisions is "one of the ways to respond to the increase of intensity of the NATO countries’ exercises."

At the same time he stressed the absence of Russian Ground Forces in Crimea. "There are no formations and units of the ground forces. There are only formations and units of the Black Sea Fleet on the peninsula," Salyukov said. He noted, however, that ground troops will be deployed if ordered to do so. "If such a task will be given, we will fulfill it," the general said.

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