Russia transferred new S-400 and Pantsir-S missile systems to Crimea

Russia placed new anti missile systems on combat duty in the Crimea and continues to update the Black Sea Fleet with new ships, aircraft and equipment, as reported by the press service of the Southern Military District of the Russian Defense Ministry. 

“A regiment of S-400 missile systems and Pantsir-S air-defense missile systems were placed on combat duty in the Crimea,” the statement reads.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla plan to add to their rosters about 20 additional ships and about 10 naval aircraft and helicopters - the SU-30SM, SU-24M, and the Ka-27M.

In addition to the land and coastal troops of the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla, this year, the Southern Military District received more than 350 units of modern armored vehicles and automotive equipment, missile and artillery weapons, communication equipment, electronic warfare systems, engineering equipment and other heavy machinery, said the Ministry of Defense.

Earlier a representative of the Main Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Vadym Skibitsky, stated that Russian troops in the Crimea are able to use nuclear weapons.

  Russia, Crimea, Ukraine