Russia tops the list of foreign direct investment into Ukraine in 2016

According to the figures on the website of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Russia topped 2016 as the primary investor into Ukraine.

Russian businesses invested 1.67 bln USD, or 38% of the total share of investment, into the economy of Ukraine last year.

In total, foreigners invested 4.4 bln USD directly into the Ukrainian economy, a 17% rise over 2015.

These investors represented more than 77 countries, the primary ones being Russia (1.667 bln USD), Cyprus (427.7 mln USD), Great Britain (403.9 mln USD), the Netherlands (255 mln USD) and Austria (249.9 mln USD), according to the State Statistics Service.

The largest investments were directed towards institutions and organizations conducting financial and insurance related activities (2.8 bln USD), wholesale and retail trade (524.9 mln USD) and also industry (475 mln USD).

The data was presented without taking into account the Crimea and the areas of the Donbas that are not under Ukraine's control.

In 2016, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invested 400 mln euro it should be noted, which is considerably less than previous years.

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