Russia places S-400 missile system along border with Finland

The Russian Federation has deployed two S-400 anti-aircraft long and medium-range missile systems near the Finnish border, according to the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle. The Minister of Defense of Finland, Jussi Niinisto, said that this move was predictable.

"Earlier Russia indicated it was making such moves, for example, the placement of the S-400 in the Kola Peninsula as well as in the Crimea. It is normal practice. Russia is using these systems to replace older S-300s," Niinisto said.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported earlier that two Triumph S-400 complexes were sent to the Russian Air Force in the Western military district, stationed in the Leningrad region. The Russian federation has deployed S-400s in Syria near the Khmeimim Air Base. In addition, Russia deployed an S-400 in the occupied Crimea.

In June, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, during his visit to Helsinki, said that Russia will respond to Finland's entry into NATO by bringing troops to the Finnish border. Earlier, the President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto, stated that in the event of a serious deterioration of the security situation Finland would apply for NATO membership.

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