Russia Halts Transit of Ukrainian Goods

The Russian Federation has imposed customs duties as well as a food embargo against Ukraine in an effort to protect its market from the influx of duty-free supplies entering the Ukraine from the European Union. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (MEDTU) reported that Russia has fully halted the transit of Ukrainian goods into its territory as of 4 January 2016.

“This ban by the Russian Federation is not clear. It is unacceptable and discriminatory in nature. Therefore, the Russians have violated their obligations in accordance with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Free Trade Zone Treaty of October 18, 2011,” the MEDTU statement said.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine indicated that the Russian Government has allowed the transit of Ukrainian goods to Kazakhstan via Belarus. All Ukrainian containers have seals connected to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and drivers also have accounting vouchers identifying the cargo. These measures were put into place upon the cancellation of the free trade zone between Russia and Ukraine.

“Currently, the Headquarters for Rapid Response monitors all imports to Russia as well as all transit through Russian territory. At the same time, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is working with private enterprises to develop alternative means of transit,” the MEDTU noted.

To assist with any issues regarding the exportation of goods to Russia or through its territory, as well as questions related to customs registration or alternative means of transit, the telephone numbers of the MEDTU, State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure were included in the statement released by MEDTU. They encourage anyone in need of assistance to contact these agencies.

As previously reported, Russia has cancelled the free trade zone with Ukraine and imposed an embargo on the import of Ukrainian goods. In response, Kiev has also imposed sanctions against Moscow.

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