Russia deploys military aircraft near Ukrainian border zone

Russia is preparing for a deployment of military aircraft to operational airfields for surprise-combat readiness inspections of the military districts near the Ukrainian border, a statement on the Russian Defense Ministry website reads.

“Crews of fighter, bombardment and army aircraft at the Russian Aerospace Forces Airbases of the southern, western and central military districts are preparing for deployment to the operational airfields for a surprise-combat readiness check,” the office noted.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that engineering and technical staff conducted a comprehensive check of the readiness of aviation equipment for long flights, “including preparing additional fuel tanks and missile-bomb weaponry.”

“Aviation personnel is ready to perform the full range of tasks, including aerial target interception, compelling aircraft-violators to land, destroying ground targets that mark the hypothetical enemy’s convoys of equipment, covering groups’ air-to-ground actions, landing, etc.” the Russian Defense Ministry statement read.

The surprise-combat readiness checks of Russian troops began on August 25 and will continue until August 31.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called on NATO to keep the issue of Russian aggression against Ukraine on the agenda.

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