Romania hopes decision on NATO Black Sea fleet will be made in the coming months

According to Activenews reports, Romanian Minister of Defense Mihnea Motoc hopes that the decision to create a NATO fleet of Romanian, Ukrainian and Georgian ships will be made at the coming summit of the Alliance that should take place in July in Warsaw.

According to the Minister, this group, which will be established in the Black Sea basin will be a sizeable brigade of Romanian, Ukrainian and Georgian naval forces. Motoc also emphasized that Romania hopes that a decision “on the prevention and countering threats of hybrid war” will be made at the summit. "We consider that it is of utmost importance to ensure a real growth of potential of the national defense. That is why we... view the coming summit as an opportunity to obtain support from allies,” he emphasized.

It was reported recently that Romania had developed a strategic plan for the establishment of a new NATO naval group in the Black Sea basin.

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