Reporter: Ideologists behind creation of DPR and LPR prefer to live outside the separatist republics

The ideologists that conceptualized the self-proclaimed republics of the Donbas do not live within the so-called DPR (Donetsk People's Republic) and LPR (Luhansk People's Republic). This was reported by journalist Denis Kazansky on his website while commenting on the presentation of a book by Donetsk political analyst Vladimir Kornilov called "Donetsk Republic: the shot down dream.”

Kazansky noted that Kornilov is "one of the ideologists of Donetsk separatism and creator of the DPR." According to the journalist, the book was published a few years before the outbreak of the conflict in the Donbas, however it never became popular. And now, against the backdrop of the favorable market conditions of the recent years, Kornilov again decided to raise his brainchild from oblivion. I looked at the photos from Moscow and saw all the Donetsk fans of the DPR there. None of those who had invented Donetsk separatism, sowed these ideas, argued the necessity of rebellion and war against Ukraine in the masses now live in this fantastic republic invented by them,” Kazansky wrote, stating that Kornilov lives in the Netherlands.

The journalist also reported that the presentation of the book was attended by the former press secretary of the Donetsk football club "Shakhtar" Ruslan Marmazov, "also a big hater of everything Ukrainian and a hardened DPR patriot. The only trouble is that Ruslan for some reason does not want to work in Donetsk. Perhaps a salary of 10,000 rubles does not satisfy him. Better let people of the free Donbas sweat for the bandits to earn this money. Ruslan will hang out in Moscow. There are no shells. It's warm and cozy there,” Kazansky writes.

According to him, the presentation was also attended by the journalists Alexander Chalenko and Oksana Shkoda and one of the former separatist leaders, Andrey Purgin. "All these people used to live in Ukraine; some of them lived in the Ukrainian Donetsk. And now, when Donetsk is free from the junta, when the hated hryvnia is no longer currency there, for some reason no one wants to live there. DPR is good enough only to be loved from afar,” the journalist emphasized.

The armed conflict between the Ukrainian security forces and the Donbas separatists began in April 2014.

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