Putin: The West could have prevented World War II

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the West could have prevented World War II if it had responded to the Soviet Union’s proposal on collective defense in time, as reported by Russian Interfax news agency.

“The main lesson of the past war is that it could have been prevented. The uncontrolled Nazis and their accomplices needed to be firmly restrained. This did not happen,” Putin said this while speaking before the State Duma.

According to Putin, the West had rejected direct proposals by the USSR for a collective defense and rather adopted a policy of the containment of the Soviet Union. They tried to implement the conditions of international isolation while the “real global threat came from the Nazis”.

“The danger of the Nazis was underestimated and overlooked then. The West did not want to admit that a criminal regime was emerging and growing stronger in the enlightened Europe,” Putin said.

Putin has also previously criticized the activities and ideas of the revolutionary leader, Vladimir Lenin. According to Putin, the results of Lenin’s activities destroyed the historic Russia.

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