Putin promises to increase sales of Russian weapons on world market

Russian military equipment is supplied to 52 countries, and the portfolio of orders for export is at about $50 billion, said Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, Izvestia reported.

“Russian military products are in strong demand and are supplied to 52 countries around the world. Last year, new contracts were signed for a total of $9.5 billion, so the domestic defense industry’s portfolio of orders for export remains at $50 billion,” the president said at a meeting of the committee for military and technical cooperation with foreign countries.

“At the same time, we intend to increase the presence of Russian arms and military equipment on the world market, expand the range of supply and list of products that are exported, and improve the quality of the weapons that are made,” said Putin.

According to Putin, in 2016, Russia was second in the world in terms of military exports, which exceeded $15 billion.

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