Putin hopes that next US President will cooperate with Russia

During the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed hope that a sense of responsibility would urge the next U.S. President to cooperate with Russia and create a safe atmosphere in the world” .

Putin did not share his opinion of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for U.S. President. However, earlier, when speaking about succession in the U.S.A., the Russian president referred to the proverb “husband and wife live the same life.”

At the same time he expressed gratitude to Bill Clinton with whom he worked with for a short time. “I am grateful to him for certain moments when I was making my first steps in the global politics. He showed respect both to me and Russia. I hope that the sense of responsibility will urge the next U.S. President to cooperate with Russia and create a safe global atmosphere,” Putin stated.

Earlier, during the plenary session, he recognized that today, the United States is the only superpower and that presidential nominee Donald Trump is a bright person.

Putin criticized the U.S. electoral system where even if an absolute majority votes for a candidate, his opponent can still win the election. The Russian President noted that Russia never interferes in the domestic political processes of the United States.

“America is a great power, today — the only superpower. We realize it and want to cooperate with the United States,” Putin added.

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