Producer of upholstery for BMW and Porsche to move its factory to Ukraine

The Polish company Groclin, the manufacturer of upholstery for exclusive versions of Porsche and BMW autos, will move its factory to Ukraine.

The main reason for relocation is that Ukrainian labor is cheaper, in comparison to Poland. In Ukraine, salaries are approximately two times lower than in Poland.

"In the future, most of the production will be done in Ukraine. In 2017, we will produce about 60% of our goods at the Ukrainian enterprises," said the CEO of Groclin, Andre Gerstner.

Production has been moved to Uzhhorod. The company already has a manufacturing area in Zakarpattia, which is planned to be extpanded. Groclin also has a plant in Dolyna– a small town in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, UBR reports.

Groclin is not the only company to decide to produce automobile accessories in Ukraine. For about ten years, car interiors for BMW and Audi have been sewn by the company Bader Leather in Horodok, a town in the Lviv region.

German companies also plan to construct several plants in Ukraine.

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