Poroshenko: Ukraine is preparing for a full-scale invasion by Russia

President Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine is in a state of war and does not rule out a full-scale invasion by Russia. He stated this in the city of Chuhuiv, in the Kharkiv region, during the transfer of military equipment for the army, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

"The probability of the escalation of the conflict is still considerably high. Those who do not feel this need to understand: the country is now in a state of war," Poroshenko said. "I emphasize that the war and the defense of our country is not only the task of the armed forces but also of all Ukrainian people."

"In the case of a full-scale Russian invasion,” Poroshenko added, “which we, unfortunately, do not rule out, we are ready to give an adequate response."

According to Poroshenko, just in the last day in the area near the town of Vodyane more than 700 artillery and 300 mortar shots were fired by the separatists.

"The fact that we did not lose anyone both today or yesterday is a sign of improvement of professional skills and the level of safety of our defense," the President said.

Poroshenko believes that Russia will not stop its "policy of aggression" until the world unites to stop Moscow. He wrote this in his article "The End of The Masquerade," published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "We finally have to stop being naïve… about the true intentions of Russia. It is not going to stop the aggression, unless we stop it together," the article says.

Poroshenko emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the whole world is in agreement in this situation and that sanctions against Russia are extended. "They keep Russia at the negotiating table and restrain it from causing even greater loss of life. We must also make every effort to unmask the Russian aggression whereve it happensewd: in the Donbas, in the case of the downed MH17, and even in Aleppo," the President said.

Poroshenko said that from September 1st this year 19 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and more than 100 were wounded in the Donbas.

"With more than 800 rounds of Russian shelling in September and more than 500 already this month the war continues and there is every reason to believe that the Minsk process slows down because of the infinite Russian masquerade. It's time to change our vision of the true intentions of Russia, because it threatens not only Ukraine, but also Europe's stability and security," he stressed.

Poroshenko also noted that according to the estimates of the Ukrainian intelligence, "there are more than 700 Russian tanks, over 1,250 artillery systems, more than 1,000 infantry armored vehicles and more than 300 multiple launch rocket systems" in the Donbas.

"In other words, the militia in the Donbas has more tanks, artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, than the Bundeswehr in Germany," Poroshenko said. He also said that the leadership of some political forces aims to transfer a significant part of Ukrainian territory under control of Russia or separatists.

"The leaders of some political parties want to transfer a significant part of Ukrainian territory to Russia or separatists. I emphasize that I, as the President, will not allow this to happen. And do not run to foreign embassies and campaign that it is a transfer of the Donbas to someone.... You will give up the territory but won't receive the peace," he said.

The Head of the State stressed that today, when it comes to the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas, Ukraine needs unity. "Today more than ever we need the unity of society and the state. The attempt to split this unity is a prominent sign of a hybrid war," he said.

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