During visit to the US, Poroshenko raised the issue of providing Ukraine with lethal weapons

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently began his visit to the United States. His visit will include a statement during the general debate of the 71th session of the UN General Assembly and participation in the Security Council Summit and high-level meeting dedicated to the refugee and migrant crisis.

Moreover, as reported on the president’s website, at the sidelines of the UN general assembly, a number of meetings have been scheduled between Poroshenko and foreign leaders, in particular, those from Turkey, Japan, New Zealand, Argentine and Qatar.

Special attention will be paid during the visit to deepening the strategic partnerships between Ukraine and the United States. In this context, Poroshenko will meet with American leadership, representatives from the business sector and political leaders from the country.

As part of his visit, the president has already held a meeting with members from the Ukrainian community in the United States, during which he noted, in particular, the importance of maintaining and strengthening sanctions against Russia.

“Human rights violations in the Russian occupied territories, including against the Crimean Tatars, require the imposition of additional sectoral sanctions. The world should necessarily react to it. The Jackson-Vanik amendment might serve as a useful example for us,” the president said, calling on the community to collaboratively develop a plan of action and work in this direction.

Poroshenko said that obtaining lethal weapons and other military assistance was no less important. “In these two and a half years, we proved that we can be trusted and relied upon. We have shown that Ukraine never launched wars of aggression and is not going to. Ukraine has never threatened. It is absolutely safe to provide us with lethal weapons. We will fight until the last drop of blood for our land,” he stressed.

The president’s visit will last until September 21.

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