Poroshenko orders that a plan for guerrilla warfare be created in the event of a Russian invasion

Ukraine should prepare for the deployment of guerrilla troops against Russian aggression, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, said at the scientific-practical conference "Lessons of the Hybrid War: Military Aspects" with the General Staff.

"To adequately respond to the actions of the aggressor we must summarize our experience and predict the future actions of the Russian Federation against our country. We should always search for effective strategies to protect us against ‘hybrid threats,’" he said.

Poroshenko also drew attention to exploring the possibilities of a territorial defense force. "In case of continued aggression, the question of creating a territorial defense, based on the experience of the last two years, has to be worked out," the President said. He also stressed the need to protect important state objects within our country.

The President emphasized that today the war is not only in the east of the country - it continues on all sides. "It is not only the aggression within our borders, there is also an active information and propaganda war aimed at sowing discord, frustration and oppression in Ukraine, insulting our country, its leadership, our army and our people. The enemy is trying to destabilize the internal situation in Ukraine," the President said.

According to the President, a military, diplomatic, and economic approach will not be sufficient in resolving the situation. "The hybrid war unleashed against our country requires us to continue to apply an asymmetric, integrated response to the threats. Defense against hybrid aggression should also be hybrid," Poroshenko said. In this context, as the President noted, tough and active defense is important. Such actions should not depend on the offensive actions of the enemy. Active diplomacy should be directed at providing support to Ukraine, including the continuation of international sanctions against the aggressor.

The President instructed members to create draft proposals and bring them to the National Security Council meeting as well as submit them to the government. "Defending the country is not only the task of the President and the General Staff, but also of every citizen of Ukraine," the President concluded.

According to the poll, conducted in April 2014, 10% of Ukrainians stated that in case of war they will take part in clandestine or guerrilla warfare.

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