Poroshenko expects that Ukraine will get a new Prime Minister on April 12th

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko expects that Ukraine will get a new Prime Minister on the 12th of April. Poroshenko reported this in his interview with Ukrainian TV Channels that was shown on the evening of 3rd of April.

“The country has to get a new Prime Minister, new Coalition and new Government’s activity program, which guarantees certain stabilization—stability of the Coalition and the Government in the first parliamentary week of work,” the President of Ukraine noted.

“I want to stress that the Constitution gives me 30 days to respond to the absence of the parliamentary coalition. The Parliament doesn’t have 30 days and I am not going to give these 30 days to it. I expect that the decision will be taken on the first day,” Poroshenko noted.

According to the President, the working program of the new government should be based on reforms, cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, the program for the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Free Trade Zone with the EU and obtaining a visa-free regime.

The Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, Boris Lozhkin, stated previously that the new composition of the coalition and the new government will be formed in the coming days.

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