Poroshenko calls on the West to impose more sanctions against Russia

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated that the countries that doubt the effectiveness of the sanctions against Russia should consider strengthening them.

“From time to time, we hear that some European countries believe that the sanctions are not effective. Well, then, if someone considers them ineffective, they should not be lifted or eased, on the contrary, they should be extended and tightened!” Poroshenko said at the First Minute of Peace gathering in Kiev on Sunday evening.

According to him, Ukrainian diplomats make every effort to extend sanctions against Russia.

Moreover, Poroshenko expressed his conviction that the Minsk Agreements are irreversible and stated again that the path to political settlement in The Donbas can only be paved with progress in security issues.

“Each step of the political settlement process must be preceded by tangible progress on security issues. This is, primarily, a genuine ceasefire, although we have witnessed the drastic reduction of firing; a real withdrawal of Russian military equipment… full access for OSCE to all occupied territories including the contact line, storage facilities and the uncontrolled Ukrainian-Russian border,” he said.

“Only then we can conduct local elections in full accordance with Ukrainian legislation and OSCE criteria and standards. I’m convinced of the correctness of actions taken by Ukraine and the irreversibility of the Minsk Agreements,” the President stated.

Poroshenko assured that he intended “to return all of the Donbas and Crimea to Ukraine by political and diplomatic means.”

Earlier it was reported that a number of EU countries will support the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions at the Summit in June.

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