Peskov: The Kremlin has begun using Katyusha system to monitor media and social networks

The Kremlin has begun using the Katyusha system to monitor media and social networks, Vedomosti daily reported.

The system, which is owned by a company called M 13, was brought in to manage the government’s press service. The contract amount for the remainder of the year to use the Katyusha system is 79 million rubles.

"It allows you to monitor the status of the information field in a wide range of topics in real-time, to assess the nature and extent of dissemination of information with high precision, and to respond quickly to emerging information threats," the General Director of M 13, Alexander Badikov, stated.

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin press service has begun to use the system. Moreover, the system is used by administration leaders, government staff and other senior management members.

"We are satisfied with the system, it is constantly being upgraded," Peskov said.

The Kremlin previously used a system developed by Medialogia for information monitoring. Vedmosti’s source said that the FSB didn't approve the extension of the contract due to the fact that some of the company's shares were held by offshore companies. 

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