Pentagon: Russian aircraft took of from the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and flew over Syria

The Pentagon expects massive Russian missile attacks and air strikes on targets in Syria to begin soon, Interfax reported. Military sources from the U.S. Defense Department headquarters said on Thursday that the Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” would likely spearhead this initiative since Su-33 and MiG-29K naval aircraft have already started flying over Syrian territory.

Although they have not yet participated in the fighting, the Pentagon noted, "there are signs that the deck-based Admiral Kuznetsov aviation is going to become a part of some greater combined forces that will be involved in an operation in the Syrian city of Aleppo the current week”.

The American military noted that the aircraft carrier strike group of the Russian Navy, which includes Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft cruiser, Pyotr Velikiy heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser and two destroyers, moved forward to the area south-east of Cyprus within potential striking distance of Aleppo.

"For the same purposes, the Admiral Grigorovich frigate is situated in the eastern Mediterranean, equipped with Kalibr long-range cruise missiles," the US military point out.

Meanwhile, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry earlier told Interfax that the Kuznetsov’s aircraft and ships of the Russian Federation Navy located in the Mediterranean were preparing to strike blows at militants on the distant approaches to Aleppo.

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